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From Dominik WosiƄski <wos...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Issues with Watermark generation after join
Date Tue, 17 Mar 2020 12:32:30 GMT
Hey sure,
the original Temporal Table SQL is:

|SELECT e.*, f.level as level FROM
| enablers AS e,
| LATERAL TABLE (Detectors(e.timestamp)) AS f
| WHERE e.id= f.id

And the previous SQL query to join A&B is something like :

| FROM A te,
| B s
| WHERE s.id = te.id AND s.level = te.level AND s.timestamp = te.timestamp

Also, if I replace the SQL to Join A&B with BroadcastProcessFunction this
works like a charm, everything is calculated correctly. Even if I don't
change the parallelism.

I have noticed one more weird behavior, after the temporal table Join I
have a windowing function to process the data. Now I have two options, in
TTF I can select the rowtime with type Timestamp and assign it to field in
output class, this automatically passes the Timestamp over so I don't need
to assign it again. But I could also select just a Long field that is not
marked as rowtime (even if they actually have the same value but this field
was not marked with *.rowtime* on declaration) and then I will need to
assign the timestamps and watermarks again, since Flink doesn't now what is
the timestamp. Now, the former solution works like a charm, but for the
latter one there is actually no output visible from the windowing function.
My expectation is that both solutions should work exactly the same and pass
the timestamps in the same manner, but apparently they are don't.

Best Regards,


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