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From shravan <mysore.damoda...@microfocus.com>
Subject Stop job with savepoint during graceful shutdown on a k8s cluster
Date Fri, 13 Mar 2020 09:10:03 GMT
Job Manager , Task Manager  are run as separate pods within K8S cluster in
our setup. As job cluster is not used, job jars are not part of Job Manager
docker image. The job is submitted from a different Flink client pod. Flink
is configured with RocksDB state backend. The docker images are created by
us as the base OS image needs to be compliant to our organization

We are looking for a reliable approach to stop the job with savepoint during
graceful shutdown to avoid duplicates on restart. 
The Job Manager pod traps shutdown signal and stops all the jobs with
savepoints. The Flink client pod starts the job with savepoint on restart of
client pod. But as the order in which pods will be shutdown is not
predictable, we have following queries,
1.	Our understanding is to stop job with savepoint, all the task manager
will persist their state during savepoint. If a Task Manager receives a
shutdown signal while savepoint is being taken, does it complete the
savepoint before shutdown ?
2.	The job manager K8S service is configured as remote job manager address
in Task Manager. This service may not be available during savepoint,  will
this affect the communication between Task Manager and Job Manager during
savepoint ?

Can you provide some pointers on the internals of savepoint in Flink ? 

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