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From David Magalhães <speeddra...@gmail.com>
Subject Scala string interpolation weird behaviour with Flink Streaming Java tests dependency.
Date Wed, 26 Feb 2020 11:56:08 GMT
I'm testing a custom sink that uses TwoPhaseCommit with the test harness
provided by flink-streaming-java.

"org.apache.flink" %% "flink-streaming-java" % flinkVersion % "test"
classifier "tests"

Using this, in some tests that I use scala string interpolation, the string
output have a strange behaviour, like it changes the place where values


val account_id = "account0"
val partitionDate = "202002"
val fileName = "2020-02-26_11-09-46.parquet"


Should be:
Actual result:

The variables values after the string interpolation do change values.

Concat behaviour is not affected:


If I remove the flink-streaming-java dependency is works as expected.

Any thoughts why is behaving this way ?

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