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From John Smith <java.dev....@gmail.com>
Subject How to get Task metrics with StatsD metric reporter?
Date Mon, 20 Jan 2020 17:19:10 GMT
Hi, running Flink 1.8

I'm declaring my metric as such.

invalidList = getRuntimeContext()
      .meter("invalidList", new DropwizardMeterWrapper(new

Then in my code I call.


On the task nodes I enabled the Influx Telegraf StatsD server. And I
enabled the task node with.

metrics.reporter.stsd.class: org.apache.flink.metrics.statsd.StatsDReporter
metrics.reporter.stsd.host: localhost
metrics.reporter.stsd.port: 8125

The metrics are being pushed to Elasticsearch. So far I only see the
Status_JVM_* metrics.

Do the task specific metrics come from the Job nodes? I have not enabled
reporting on the Job nodes yet.

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