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From Yun Tang <myas...@live.com>
Subject Re: RocksDB state on HDFS seems not being cleanned up
Date Mon, 18 Nov 2019 18:44:06 GMT
Yes, state processor API cannot read window state now, here is the track of this issue [1]

[1] https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/FLINK-13095

Yun Tang

From: shuwen zhou <jacobc3@gmail.com>
Date: Monday, November 18, 2019 at 12:31 PM
To: user <user@flink.apache.org>
Subject: Fwd: RocksDB state on HDFS seems not being cleanned up

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From: shuwen zhou <jacobc3@gmail.com<mailto:jacobc3@gmail.com>>
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2019 at 13:33
Subject: Re: RocksDB state on HDFS seems not being cleanned up
To: Yun Tang <myasuka@live.com<mailto:myasuka@live.com>>
Cc: user <user@flink.apache.org<mailto:user@flink.apache.org>>

Hi Yun,
After my investigation, I found out the files are not orphan files, they are still being recorded
in latest checkpoint's _metadata file.
I looked through the API you mentioned https://ci.apache.org/projects/flink/flink-docs-stable/dev/libs/state_processor_api.html
, seems like the state can be accessed is limited to user defined state. I am thinking that
the outdated state might be belonged to a window reduce state, thus I would like to access
window reduce state. Seems this API cannot provide such functionality, does it?

On Thu, 7 Nov 2019 at 18:08, Yun Tang <myasuka@live.com<mailto:myasuka@live.com>>
Yes, just sum all file size within checkpoint meta to get the full checkpoint size (this would
omit some byte stream state handles, but nearly accurate).

BTW, I think user-mail list is the better place for this email-thread, already sent this mail
to user-mail list.

Yun Tang

From: shuwen zhou <jacobc3@gmail.com<mailto:jacobc3@gmail.com>>
Date: Thursday, November 7, 2019 at 12:02 PM
To: Yun Tang <myasuka@live.com<mailto:myasuka@live.com>>
Cc: dev <dev@flink.apache.org<mailto:dev@flink.apache.org>>, Till Rohrmann <trohrmann@apache.org<mailto:trohrmann@apache.org>>
Subject: Re: RocksDB state on HDFS seems not being cleanned up

Hi Yun,
Thank you for your detailed explanation,It brings me a lot to research. I think
1. I should try reduce number of "state.checkpoints.num-retained", maybe to 3, which could
decrease amount of shared folder.
2. Does Flink 1.9.0 has the possibility of orphan files? Seems the answer is yes, maybe. I
could have use the state process API you mentioned to figure it out and get back to you.
3. I have a look in file /flink/c344b61c456af743e4568a70b626837b/chk-172/_metadata, there
are a lot file names like hdfs://hadoop/flink/c344b61c456af743e4568a70b626837b/shared/e9e10c8a-6d73-48e4-9e17-45838d276b03,
sum those file's size up is the total size of each chekpoint, am I correct?
4. My checkpoint interval is 16 minutes.

On Wed, 6 Nov 2019 at 15:57, Yun Tang <myasuka@live.com<mailto:myasuka@live.com>>
Hi Shuwen

Since you just have 10 “chk-“ folders as expected and when subsuming checkpoints, the
“chk-” folder would be removed after we successfully removed shared state [1]. That is
to say, I think you might not have too many orphan states files left. To ensure this, you
could use state process API [2] to load your checkpoints and compare all the files under “shared”
folder to see whether there existed too many orphan files. If this is true, we might think
of the custom compaction filter future of FRocksDB.

Secondly, your judgment of “20GB each checkpoint” might not be accurate when RocksDB incremental
checkpoint is enabled, the UI showed is only the incremental size [3], I suggest you to count
your files’s size within your checkpoint meta to know the accurate checkpoint size for each

Last but not least, RocksDB’s future of compaction filter to delete expired data only happened
during compaction [4], I’m afraid you might need to look up your rocksDB’s LOG file to
see the frequency of compaction on task managers. And I think the increasing size might be
related with the interval of your checkpoints, what the interval when you executing checkpoints?

[1] https://github.com/apache/flink/blob/2ea14169a1997434d45d6f1da6dfe9acd6bd8da3/flink-runtime/src/main/java/org/apache/flink/runtime/checkpoint/CompletedCheckpoint.java#L264<https://eur02.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fgithub.com%2Fapache%2Fflink%2Fblob%2F2ea14169a1997434d45d6f1da6dfe9acd6bd8da3%2Fflink-runtime%2Fsrc%2Fmain%2Fjava%2Forg%2Fapache%2Fflink%2Fruntime%2Fcheckpoint%2FCompletedCheckpoint.java%23L264&data=02%7C01%7C%7C896d7363bf12404ed4a108d7633747ae%7C84df9e7fe9f640afb435aaaaaaaaaaaa%7C1%7C0%7C637086961380844668&sdata=qC%2FWoO7cTOONGeBw1x7CO84lO4VW33VHqdLJK63mlis%3D&reserved=0>
[2] https://ci.apache.org/projects/flink/flink-docs-stable/dev/libs/state_processor_api.html<https://eur02.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fci.apache.org%2Fprojects%2Fflink%2Fflink-docs-stable%2Fdev%2Flibs%2Fstate_processor_api.html&data=02%7C01%7C%7C896d7363bf12404ed4a108d7633747ae%7C84df9e7fe9f640afb435aaaaaaaaaaaa%7C1%7C0%7C637086961380854680&sdata=%2B9kpGf5Te6sDG2Up5CwCNXLV9AU%2FfmXDGQh%2B%2BJh8I9E%3D&reserved=0>
[3] https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/FLINK-13390<https://eur02.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fissues.apache.org%2Fjira%2Fbrowse%2FFLINK-13390&data=02%7C01%7C%7C896d7363bf12404ed4a108d7633747ae%7C84df9e7fe9f640afb435aaaaaaaaaaaa%7C1%7C0%7C637086961380864691&sdata=tDHH%2B3ESGU1xOcqCo%2FeUh3fxGnPKqtCQCmuUNlYd8Kc%3D&reserved=0>
[4] https://github.com/facebook/rocksdb/blob/834feaff05a4bf7ae49c736305d5eb180aed4011/include/rocksdb/compaction_filter.h#L61<https://eur02.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fgithub.com%2Ffacebook%2Frocksdb%2Fblob%2F834feaff05a4bf7ae49c736305d5eb180aed4011%2Finclude%2Frocksdb%2Fcompaction_filter.h%23L61&data=02%7C01%7C%7C896d7363bf12404ed4a108d7633747ae%7C84df9e7fe9f640afb435aaaaaaaaaaaa%7C1%7C0%7C637086961380874702&sdata=AWXlKG0jEtpTc5QHGoWJ%2F%2Fj5UELElT1V3FzDFfburbI%3D&reserved=0>

Yun Tang

From: shuwen zhou <jacobc3@gmail.com<mailto:jacobc3@gmail.com>>
Date: Wednesday, November 6, 2019 at 12:02 PM
To: dev <dev@flink.apache.org<mailto:dev@flink.apache.org>>, Yun Tang <myasuka@LIVE.COM<mailto:myasuka@LIVE.COM>>,
Till Rohrmann <trohrmann@apache.org<mailto:trohrmann@apache.org>>
Subject: Re: RocksDB state on HDFS seems not being cleanned up

Hi Yun and Till,
Thank you for your response.
For @Yun
1. No, I just renamed the checkpoint directory name since the directory name contains company
data. Sorry for the confusion.
2. Yes, I set

state.checkpoints.num-retained: 10
state.backend.rocksdb.predefined-options: FLASH_SSD_OPTIMIZED

In flink.conf

I was expecting, shared folder will no longer contains outdated state, since my TTL is set
to 30 mins, I shouldn't have seen date older than 1 day. However I could still see those outdated
data in shared folder

For example, current time is 2019-11-06 03:58:00 UTC, I could see following file on HDFS
65.1 M 2019-11-04 17:58 /flink/checkpoint/c344b61c456af743e4568a70b626837b/shared/03dea380-758b-4d52-b335-5e6318ba6c40
2.1 K 2019-11-04 17:28 /flink/checkpoint/c344b61c456af743e4568a70b626837b/shared/1205f112-f5ba-4516-ae32-1424afda08ac
65.1 M 2019-11-04 17:58 /flink/checkpoint/c344b61c456af743e4568a70b626837b/shared/2298e34d-8cdc-4f8a-aac0-76cf4b9ac0f5
65.1 M 2019-11-04 17:58 /flink/checkpoint/c344b61c456af743e4568a70b626837b/shared/25e58576-f86f-4ac9-83b8-08ce0be036c4
65.1 M 2019-11-05 17:42 /flink/checkpoint/c344b61c456af743e4568a70b626837b/shared/27031a93-3ae5-4247-a751-62552c29f325

3.I actually mean that, only latest 10 checkpoint containing full state will be retained on
HDFS. In my case, around 20G for each checkpoint. In such way I could have control on how
much data was stored on HDFS, Rather than having a increasing shared folder.

But it takes a lot of time to store full state on HDFS. Thus I would still like to use incremental.

For @Till

I would have a try on cleanupInRocksdbCompactFilter to see if it works. Thank you.

On Wed, 6 Nov 2019 at 01:50, Yun Tang <myasuka@live.com<mailto:myasuka@live.com>>
@Till Rohrmann , I think just set `cleanupInBackground()` should be enough for RocksDB to
clean up in compaction filter after Flink-1.9.0 [1]

@Shuwen , I have several questions for your behavior:
1. Is the ` flink-chk743e4568a70b626837b` real folder for checkpoints? I don't think a job-id
would act like this.
2. why you have 10 checkpoints left under checkpoint folder, did you configure the retained
checkpoints as 10?
3. what do you mean "while I disabled incremental cleanup, the expired full snapshot will
be removed automatically." ? I cannot see that you have configured state ttl configure as
`cleanupIncrementally()`, moreover, what is the actual meaning of "removed automatically"?

[1] https://ci.apache.org/projects/flink/flink-docs-release-1.9/dev/stream/state/state.html#cleanup-in-background<https://eur02.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fci.apache.org%2Fprojects%2Fflink%2Fflink-docs-release-1.9%2Fdev%2Fstream%2Fstate%2Fstate.html%23cleanup-in-background&data=02%7C01%7C%7C896d7363bf12404ed4a108d7633747ae%7C84df9e7fe9f640afb435aaaaaaaaaaaa%7C1%7C0%7C637086961380884713&sdata=sJ%2Fznp9MFpfP9D%2BV2CMSF9LQYu4imVr3cFKThy%2Bj%2FY8%3D&reserved=0>

Yun Tang

On 11/5/19, 11:24 PM, "Till Rohrmann" <trohrmann@apache.org<mailto:trohrmann@apache.org>>

    Hi Shuwen,

    I think the problem is that you configured state ttl to clean up on full
    snapshots which aren't executed when using RocksDB with incremental
    snapshots. Instead you need to activate `cleanupInRocksdbCompactFilter`:

    val ttlConfig = StateTtlConfig



    On Tue, Nov 5, 2019 at 4:04 PM shuwen zhou <jacobc3@gmail.com<mailto:jacobc3@gmail.com>>

    > Hi Jiayi,
    > I understand that being shared folder means to store state of multiple
    > checkpoints. I think that shared folder should only retain data across
    > number “state.checkpoint.num-retained” checkpoints and remove outdated
    > checkpoint, isn't it?
    > In my case I doubt that outdated checkpoint's states wasn't cleaned up,
    > which makes shared folder keep increasing even after TTL was passed.
    > On Tue, 5 Nov 2019 at 21:13, bupt_ljy <bupt_ljy@163.com<mailto:bupt_ljy@163.com>>
    > > Hi Shuwen,
    > >
    > >
    > > The “shared” means that the state files are shared among multiple
    > > checkpoints, which happens when you enable incremental checkpointing[1].
    > > Therefore, it’s reasonable that the size keeps growing if you set
    > > “state.checkpoint.num-retained” to be a big value.
    > >
    > >
    > > [1]
    > >
    > https://flink.apache.org/features/2018/01/30/incremental-checkpointing.html<https://eur02.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fflink.apache.org%2Ffeatures%2F2018%2F01%2F30%2Fincremental-checkpointing.html&data=02%7C01%7C%7C896d7363bf12404ed4a108d7633747ae%7C84df9e7fe9f640afb435aaaaaaaaaaaa%7C1%7C0%7C637086961380894713&sdata=k700R0EtKMPOn1UgSkztdW2ZZ5czvtX1arG3yvd%2BEBw%3D&reserved=0>
    > >
    > >
    > > Best,
    > > Jiayi Liao
    > >
    > >
    > >  Original Message
    > > Sender: shuwen zhou<jacobc3@gmail.com<mailto:jacobc3@gmail.com>>
    > > Recipient: dev<dev@flink.apache.org<mailto:dev@flink.apache.org>>
    > > Date: Tuesday, Nov 5, 2019 17:59
    > > Subject: RocksDB state on HDFS seems not being cleanned up
    > >
    > >
    > > Hi Community, I have a job running on Flink1.9.0 on YARN with rocksDB on
    > > HDFS with incremental checkpoint enabled. I have some MapState in code
    > with
    > > following config: val ttlConfig = StateTtlConfig
    > > .newBuilder(Time.minutes(30) .updateTtlOnCreateAndWrite()
    > > .cleanupInBackground() .cleanupFullSnapshot()
    > >
    > .setStateVisibility(StateTtlConfig.StateVisibility.ReturnExpiredIfNotCleanedUp)
    > > After running for around 2 days, I observed checkpoint folder is showing
    > > 44.4 M /flink-chk743e4568a70b626837b/chk-40 65.9 M
    > > /flink-chk743e4568a70b626837b/chk-41 91.7 M
    > > /flink-chk743e4568a70b626837b/chk-42 96.1 M
    > > /flink-chk743e4568a70b626837b/chk-43 48.1 M
    > > /flink-chk743e4568a70b626837b/chk-44 71.6 M
    > > /flink-chk743e4568a70b626837b/chk-45 50.9 M
    > > /flink-chk743e4568a70b626837b/chk-46 90.2 M
    > > /flink-chk743e4568a70b626837b/chk-37 49.3 M
    > > /flink-chk743e4568a70b626837b/chk-38 96.9 M
    > > /flink-chk743e4568a70b626837b/chk-39 797.9 G
    > > /flink-chk743e4568a70b626837b/shared The ./shared folder size seems
    > > continuing increasing and seems the folder is not being clean up. However
    > > while I disabled incremental cleanup, the expired full snapshot will be
    > > removed automatically. Is there any way to remove outdated state on HDFS
    > to
    > > stop it from increasing? Thanks. -- Best Wishes, Shuwen Zhou
    > --
    > Best Wishes,
    > Shuwen Zhou

Best Wishes,
Shuwen Zhou<https://eur02.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.linkedin.com%2Fpub%2Fshuwen-zhou%2F57%2F55b%2F599%2F&data=02%7C01%7C%7C896d7363bf12404ed4a108d7633747ae%7C84df9e7fe9f640afb435aaaaaaaaaaaa%7C1%7C0%7C637086961380904730&sdata=H1po%2BMw%2Bz1XQjiJJrsFblhJomVI%2FQJtbL5lZdUJDxFE%3D&reserved=0>

Best Wishes,
Shuwen Zhou<https://eur02.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.linkedin.com%2Fpub%2Fshuwen-zhou%2F57%2F55b%2F599%2F&data=02%7C01%7C%7C896d7363bf12404ed4a108d7633747ae%7C84df9e7fe9f640afb435aaaaaaaaaaaa%7C1%7C0%7C637086961380924734&sdata=ifpOHe%2BpCWWdatY8n7vhfzUjR3WpVZRDb074YU2DDuc%3D&reserved=0>

Best Wishes,
Shuwen Zhou<http://www.linkedin.com/pub/shuwen-zhou/57/55b/599/>

Best Wishes,
Shuwen Zhou<http://www.linkedin.com/pub/shuwen-zhou/57/55b/599/>

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