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From Heidi Hazem Mohamed <H.Ha...@nu.edu.eg>
Subject Custom Partitioning with keyed state
Date Sun, 27 Oct 2019 15:03:50 GMT

What I want : I have my own partitioning technique that generates keys for DataStream tuples
,those keys range are equal to the number of nodes in the clusters like if I set the parallelism
equal to 4 the generated keys will be 0,1,2 and 3 and so on and then every key should be partitioned
to the same node to do such more keyed processing using keyed state.

What happened: I have implemented my logic using the keyBy so I can use a keyed state but
it suffers from a great skewness some of the nodes had received no records and other ones
received more than one. I have tried to use custom partitioning it did the physical partitioning
as I want but I can not use the keyed state with it without using keyBy.

What I expect (questions): Is there a way to control the skewness or enforce keys to be parallelized
over the available nodes? or Is there a way to overwrite the partitioning technique used in
keyBy? or Is there a way to use a keyed state with custom partitioning?

Best Regards

Heidy Hazem

[cid:178eec23-6233-4b22-b8a3-59051181b0fc]Heidy Hazem– Teaching assistant, School of Information
Technology and Computer Science (Formerly, CIT, Communication Engineering, and Information
Technology School)
T: +201000 63-25-63   office: UB1-room 701

26th July Corridor, Sheikh Zayed, Giza, Egypt
www.nu.edu.eg<http://www.nu.edu.eg/> | www.facebook.com/NileUniversity<http://www.facebook.com/NileUniversity>

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