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From Konstantinos Kallas <konstantinos.kal...@hotmail.com>
Subject Re: [SURVEY] What is the most subtle/hard to catch bug that people have seen?
Date Tue, 01 Oct 2019 13:51:54 GMT
Hi Jan,

Thanks a lot for that pointer, that is very interesting.



On 1/10/19 6:02 π.μ., Jan Lukavský wrote:

I'd add another one regarding Java hashCode() and its practical usability for distributed
systems [1], although practically all (Java based) data processing systems rely on it.

One bug directly related to this I once saw was, that using an Enum inside other object used
as partitioning key results in really hard to debug bugs. Mostly because during local testing
everything works just fine, problem arises only when multiple JVMs are involved. This is caused
by the fact, that hashCode() of Enum is derived from associated memory position.


[1] https://martin.kleppmann.com/2012/06/18/java-hashcode-unsafe-for-distributed-systems.html

On 10/1/19 11:45 AM, Piotr Nowojski wrote:

Are you asking about bugs in Flink, in libraries that Flink is using or bugs in applications
that were using Flink? From my perspective/what I have seen:

The most problematic bugs while developing features for Flink:

    Dead locks & data losses caused by concurrency issues in network stack after changing
some trivial things in new data notifications.
    Data visibility issues for concurrent writes/reads when implementing S3 connector.

The most problematic bug/type of bugs in the Dependencies:

    Dead locks in the external connector (for example https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/KAFKA-6132
). Integration with external systems is always difficult. If you add concurrency issues to
the mix…

The most problematic bug in the Flink application:

    Being unaware that for some reasons, some unknown to me code was interrupting (SIGINT)
threads spawned by a custom SourceFunction, that were emitting the data, when the job was
back pressured. This was causing records serialisation very rarerly to be interrupted in the
middle showing up on the down stream receiver as deserialisation errors.


On 1 Oct 2019, at 04:18, Konstantinos Kallas <konstantinos.kallas@hotmail.com><mailto:konstantinos.kallas@hotmail.com>

Hi everyone.

I wanted to ask Flink users what are the most subtle Flink bugs that
people have witnessed. The cause of the bugs could be anything (e.g.
wrong assumptions on data, parallelism of non-parallel operator, simple

We are developing a testing framework for Flink and it would be
interesting to have examples of difficult to spot bugs to evaluate our
testing framework on.

Konstantinos Kallas

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