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From vino yang <yanghua1...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Flink batch app occasionally hang
Date Wed, 30 Oct 2019 02:49:27 GMT
Hi Caio,

Because it involves interaction with external systems. It would be better
if you can provide the full logs.


Caio Aoque <caioaoque@gmail.com> 于2019年10月30日周三 上午8:31写道:

> Hi, I've been running some flink scala applications on an AWS EMR cluster
> (version 5.26.0 with flink 1.8.0 for scala 2.11) for a while and I
> started to have some issues now.
> I have a flink app that reads some files from S3, process them and save
> some files to s3 and also some records to a database.
> The application is not so complex it has a source that reads a directory
> (multiple files) and other one that reads a single one and then it has some
> grouping and mapping and a left outer join between these 2 sources.
> The issue is that occasionally the application got stuck with only two
> tasks running, one finished and the other ones not even run. The 2 tasks
> that keep running forever are the source1 from directory (multiple files)
> and the leftouterjoin, the source2 (input from a single file) is the one
> that finishes. One interest thing is that there should be several tasks
> between source 1 and this leftouterjoin but they remain in CREATED state.
> If the app stuck usually I simply kill that and run that again, which
> works. The issue is not that frequent but is getting more and more
> frequent. It's happening almost everyday now.
> I also have a DEBUG log from a job that didn't work and another one from a
> job that worked.
> Thanks.

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