Hi Anyang,

Thanks for raising it up. I think it is reasonable as what you requested is needed for batch. Let's wait for Till to give some more input.

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Peter Huang

On Thu, Sep 5, 2019 at 7:02 AM Anyang Hu <huanyang1024@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Peter&Till:

As commented in the issueWe have introduced the FLINK-10868 patch (mainly batch tasks) online, what do you think of the following two suggestions:

1) Parameter control time interval. At present, the default time interval of 1 min is used, which is too short for batch tasks; 

2)Parameter Control When the failed Container number reaches MAXIMUM_WORKERS_FAILURE_RATE and JM disconnects whether to perform OnFatalError so that the batch tasks can exit as soon as possible.

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