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From "圣眼之翼" <2463...@qq.com>
Subject 回复:question
Date Wed, 04 Sep 2019 03:42:06 GMT
I have found a way,
  select row(msg.f1) from table.


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 I want to output the query results to kafka, json format is as follows:
 "id": "123",
 "serial": "6b0c2d26",
 "msg": {
  "f1": "5677"
  How to define the format and schema of kafka sink?


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thank you!  
  Let me try。


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should be schema.field(“msg”, Types.ROW(...))?  And you should select msg.f1 from table.

 Jingsong Lee


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 Date:2019-09-03 09:22:41
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  How do you do:
 My problem is flink table format and table schema mapping.
 The input data is similar to the following json format:
 { "id": "123", "serial": "6b0c2d26", "msg": { "f1": "5677" } } The format code for TableSource
is as follows: new Json().schema(Types.ROW(new String[] { "id", "serial", "msg" }, new TypeInformation
<< ? > [] { Types.STRING(), Types.STRING(), Types.ROW(new String[] { "f1" }, new
TypeInformation << ? > [] { Types.STRING() }) }));

 The schema part of TableSource is as follows:
 Schema schema = new Schema(); schema.field("id", Types.STRING()); schema.field("serial",

 I don't know how to define the f1 field of msg in the schema. I tried schema.field("f1",
Types.STRING()) before; but I will report an error. What is the correct method?
 The following SQL can be run correctly:
 select id,serial,f1 from table; 

 My flink version is 1.8.1,use flink table & SQL API

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