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From Vishwas Siravara <vsirav...@gmail.com>
Subject Questions about user doc.
Date Wed, 17 Jul 2019 05:40:11 GMT
Hey guys,
In this document :
there is a line in the beginning of the scheduling section which says that
: "A pipeline consists of multiple successive tasks, such as the
*n-th* parallel
instance of a MapFunction together with the *n-th* parallel instance of a
ReduceFunction. Note that Flink often executes successive tasks

I am guessing this means that Flink executes successive tasks from
different pipelines successively right ?

I also don't fully understand Intermediate result partition and
Intermediate dataset , why are there two boxes in the diagram for
intermediate result after the first execution job vertex ? Is there any
more docs I can read to clearly understand these diagrams, thanks for your


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