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From Vijay Balakrishnan <bvija...@gmail.com>
Subject Converting Metrics from a Reporter to a Custom Events mapping
Date Mon, 15 Jul 2019 16:01:36 GMT
I need to capture the Metrics sent from a Flink app to a Reporter and
transform them to an Events API format I have designed. I have been looking
at the Reporters(
and have used them but what would be a best practice to capture this
metrics data to transform it ?

The folks using the Flink app still want to see their metrics in the Flink
Dashboard using their chosen(not sure yet what they chose-assuming
ConsoleReporter) Reporter. I need to capture those metrics, transform them
to my Events API format and send it to a Kinesis Stream.

We use Prometheus and InfluxDB in our environments for other purposes.

Should I use the SLF4J Reporter to dump the metrics into a log file/folder
and watch that with a Kinesis Agent and transform it somehow(?) and then
send it to the Kinesis data stream ?


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