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From Maatary Okouya <maatarioko...@gmail.com>
Subject From Kafka Stream to Flink
Date Fri, 19 Jul 2019 22:03:46 GMT

I am a user of Kafka Stream so far. However, because i have been face with
several limitation in particular in performing Join on KTable.

I was wondering what is the appraoch in Flink to achieve  (1) the concept
of KTable, i.e. a Table that represent a changeLog, i.e. only the latest
version of all keyed records,  and (2) joining those.

There are currently a lot of limitation around that on Kafka Stream, and i
need that for performing some ETL process, where i need to mirror entire
databases in Kafka, and then do some join on the table to emit the logical
entity in Kafka Topics. I was hoping that somehow i could acheive that by
using FLink as intermediary.

I can see that you support any kind of join, but i just don't see the
notion of Ktable.

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