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From Dante Van den Broeke <Dante.VandenBro...@UGent.be>
Subject Jython support for Flink
Date Fri, 19 Jul 2019 14:40:40 GMT

I'm a student currently working on a project involving apache kafka and flink. The project
itself is revolved around path prediction and machine learning for websites. To test a prove
of concept I setup a kafka server locally (goal is to expend this to a google cloud server
or similar later) and a kafka producer (written in java intelliJ idea project). The producer
would send JSON data (currently just a local file but later json data from the website itself)
to a flink-kafka connection and the data transformation (key-windowed by user id) would than
happen in the flink framework.

The problem i'm facing however is that i wrote all the algorithms for transformation of the
data in python and i'm struggling with initializing a jython environment to setup the flink-kafka

I was wondering whether or not there is a working example for this setup / some documentation
regarding the framework as i'm struggling to find a lot of documentation for my application

thanks in advance.

kind regards,

Dante Van den Broeke

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