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From Congxian Qiu <qcx978132...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: How to join/group 2 streams by key?
Date Mon, 17 Jun 2019 01:59:48 GMT
Hi John
I've seen other people have the same problem to solve,  the following is
their solution:
union the two Datastreams, then use ProcsssFunction[1] to solve this, will
also register timers to do GC things.


John Tipper <john_tipper@hotmail.com> 于2019年6月14日周五 下午3:24写道:

> Hi All,
> I have 2 streams of events that relate to a common base event, where one
> stream is the result of a flatmap. I want to join all events that share a
> common identifier.
> Thus I have something that looks like:
> DataStream<TypeA> streamA = ...
> DataStream<TypeB> streamB = someDataStream.flatMap(...) // produces stream of TypeB
for each item in someDataStream
> Both TypeA and TypeB share an identifier and I know how many TypeB objects
> there are in the parent object. I want to perform some processing when all
> of the events associated with a particular identifier have arrived, i.e.
> when I basically can create a Tuple3<id, TypeA, List<TypeB>> object.
> Is this best done with a WindowJoin and a GlobalWindow, a Window CoGroup and
> a GlobalWindow or by connecting the 2 streams into a ConnectedStream then
> performing the joining inside a CoProcessFunction?
> Many thanks,
> John

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