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From Derek VerLee <derekver...@gmail.com>
Subject local disk cleanup after crash
Date Thu, 07 Mar 2019 21:45:37 GMT

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    <p>I think that effort is put in to have task managers clean up
      their folders, however I have noticed that in some cases local
      folders are not cleaned up and can build up, eventually causing
      problems due to a full disk.  As far as I know this only happens
      with crashes and other out-of-happy-path scenarios.<br>
    <p>I am thinking of writing a script to clean up local folders that
      runs before task-manager starts between restarts in the case of a
    <p>Assuming local recovery is not configured, what should I delete
      and what should I leave around?<br>
    <p>What should I keep if local recovery is configured?</p>
    <p>Under the "taskmanager.tmp.dirs" I see:</p>

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