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From Chesnay Schepler <ches...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Can an Aggregate the key from a WindowedStream.aggregate()
Date Sun, 10 Feb 2019 09:48:05 GMT
There are also versions of WindowedStream#aggregate that accept an 
additional WindowFunction/ProcessWindowFunction, which do have access to 
the key via apply()/process() respectively. These functions are called 
post aggregation.

On 08.02.2019 18:24, stephen.alan.connolly@gmail.com wrote:
> If I write my aggregation logic as a WindowFunction then I get access to the key as the
first parameter in WindowFunction.apply(...) however the Javadocs for calling WindowedStream.apply(WindowFunction)
>> Note that this function requires that all data in the windows is buffered until the
>> is evaluated, as the function provides no means of incremental aggregation.
> Which sounds bad.
> It seems the recommended alternative is to use one of the WindowFunction.aggregate(AggregateFunction)
however I cannot see how to get access to the key...
> Is my only solution to transform my data into a Tuple if I need access to the key post
> Thanks in advance
> -stephenc

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