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From Olle Noren <olle.no...@niradynamics.se>
Subject Synchronize reading from two Kafka Topics of different size
Date Thu, 14 Feb 2019 16:37:22 GMT

We have a Flink job were we are trying to window join two datastreams originating from two
different Kafka topics, where one topic contains a lot more data per time instance than the
other one.
We use event time processing, and this all works fine when running our pipeline live, i.e.
data is consumed and processed as soon as it is ingested in Kafka.

The problem though occurs in the scenario when we are replaying with data stored in Kafka,
then the watermarks of the “larger-stream” are lagging behind the “smaller-stream”
since this stream has less data per time unit and then is advancing faster.
This leads to a large state at the join operation since data from the “smaller-stream”
needs to be kept until the corresponding watermarks from the “larger-stream” have passed.
To avoid a very large state at the join operator, we have tried to increase the parallelism
for the consumer of the “larger-stream” to make this keep up with the “smaller stream”,
this decreases the size of the state to some extent. This seems though like a ugly way to
get around the problem and will not work if the sizes of the two Kafka topics are changing
over time.

Is there any way we can synchronize the reading of the Kafka sources based on the watermarks
we have in the two streams, i.e. to pause the reading of the “smaller-topic” until the
“larger-stream” has caught up? Any other ideas how to handle this replay-scenario?

Thanks in advance


        Olle Noren
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        NIRA Dynamics AB
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