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From Frank Grimes <frankgrime...@yahoo.com>
Subject Is there a Flink DataSet equivalent to Spark's RDD.persist?
Date Thu, 21 Feb 2019 18:41:21 GMT
I'm trying to port an existing Spark job to Flink and have gotten stuck on the same issue
brought up here:
Is there some way to accomplish this same thing in Flink?i.e. avoid re-computing a particular
DataSet when multiple different subsequent transformations are required on it.
I've even tried explicitly writing out the DataSet to avoid the re-computation but still taking
an I/O hit for the initial write to HDFS and subsequent re-reading of it in the following
stages. While it does yield a performance improvement over no caching at all, it doesn't
match the performance I get with RDD.persist in Spark.
Frank Grimes
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