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From Philip Doctor <philip.doc...@physiq.com>
Subject SinkFunction invoke method signature
Date Fri, 13 Jul 2018 17:19:52 GMT
Dear Flink Users,
I noticed my sink's `invoke` method was deprecated, so I went to update it, I'm a little surprised
by the new method signature, especially on Context (copy+pasted below for ease of discussion).
 Shouldn't Context be Context<IN> not Context<T> ? based on the docs?  I'm having
a hard time understanding what's getting sent to me here in Context.  Anyone have any insights
on why these might be different ?

 * Interface for implementing user defined sink functionality.
 * @param <IN> Input type parameter.
public interface SinkFunction<IN> extends Function, Serializable {


 * Context that {@link SinkFunction SinkFunctions } can use for getting additional data about
 * an input record.
 * <p>The context is only valid for the duration of a
 * {@link SinkFunction#invoke(Object, Context)} call. Do not store the context and use
 * afterwards!
 * @param <T> The type of elements accepted by the sink.
@Public // Interface might be extended in the future with additional methods.
interface Context<T> {


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