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From Vinay Patil <vinay18.pa...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Query regarding rest.port property
Date Wed, 25 Jul 2018 08:43:02 GMT
Thanks Chesnay for your inputs.

I am actually starting the cluster using bootstrap application where in I
am calling Job Manager and Task Manager main class to form the cluster.

So I have removed flink-runtime-web dependency and used only flink_runtime
dependency for forming the cluster , but still not able to hit the rest
api's, Is there anything else I can do here ?

Yes, you are right about separating the API's into two parts.

Vinay Patil

On Sat, Jul 21, 2018 at 1:46 AM Chesnay Schepler <chesnay@apache.org> wrote:

> Something that I was thinking about a while ago was to separate the REST
> API into 2 parts;
> one for monitoring (getting details for a job etc.),
> one for modifying state (submitting/canceling jobs, uploading jars, etc.)
> This may better fit your requirements.
> On 20.07.2018 22:13, Chesnay Schepler wrote:
> Effectively you can't disable them selectively; reason being that they are
> actually one and the same.
> The ultimate solution is to build flink-dist yourself, and exclude
> "flink-runtime-web" from it, which removes
> the required files.
> Note that being able to selectively disable them _for security reasons_
> wouldn't do you much good as far as I can tell; if you have access to the
> REST API you can do anything the UI does. Similarly, if you can restrict
> access to the REST API, you also do that for the UI.
> On 20.07.2018 18:14, Vino yang wrote:
> Hi Vinay,
> Did job manager run in node "myhost"? Did you check the port you specified
> open for remote access?
> Can you try to start web UI, but just forbid its port?
> ----
> Vino yang
> Thanks.
> On 2018-07-20 22:48 , Vinay Patil <vinay18.patil@gmail.com> Wrote:
> Hi,
> We have disabled Flink Web UI for security reasons however we want to use
> REST Api for monitoring purpose. For that I have set jobmanager.web.port =
> -1 , rest.port=8888, rest.address=myhost
> But I am not able to access any REST api using https://
> myhost:8888/<endpoint>
> Is it mandatory to have Flink Web UI running or am I missing any
> configuration ?
> Regards,
> Vinay Patil

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