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From "Marchant, Hayden " <hayden.march...@citi.com>
Subject 'Custom' mapping function on keyed WindowedStream
Date Mon, 26 Feb 2018 11:32:02 GMT
I would like to create a custom aggregator function for a windowed KeyedStream which I have
complete control over - i.e. instead of implementing an AggregatorFunction, I would like to
control the lifecycle of the flink state by implementing the CheckpointedFunction interface,
though I still want this state to be per-key, per-window. 

I am not sure which function I should be calling on the WindowedStream in order to invoke
this custom functionality. I see from the documentation that CheckpointedFunction is for non-keyed
state - which I guess eliminates this option.

A little background - I have logic that needs to hold a very large state in the operator -
lots of counts by sub-key. Since only a sub-set of these aggregations are updated, I was interesting
in trying out incremental checkpointing in RocksDB. However, I don't want to be hitting RocksDB
I/O on every update of state since we need very low latency, and instead wanted to hold the
state in Java Heap and then update the Flink state on checkpoint - i.e something like CheckpointedFunction.
My assumption is that any update I make to RocksDB backed state will hit the local disk -
if this is wrong then I'll be happy

What other options do I have?

Hayden Marchant

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