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From jelmer <jkupe...@gmail.com>
Subject BucketingSink broken in flink 1.4.0 ?
Date Wed, 10 Jan 2018 13:17:04 GMT
Hi I am trying to convert some jobs from flink 1.3.2 to flink 1.4.0

But i am running into the issue that the bucketing sink will always try and
connect to hdfs://localhost:12345/ instead of the hfds url i have specified
in the constructor

If i look at the code at


It tries to create the hadoop filesystem like this

final org.apache.flink.core.fs.FileSystem flinkFs =
final FileSystem hadoopFs = (flinkFs instanceof HadoopFileSystem) ?
((HadoopFileSystem) flinkFs).getHadoopFileSystem() : null;

But FileSystem.getUnguardedFileSystem will always return a

But FileSystem.get will always return a SafetyNetWrapperFileSystem so the
instanceof check will never indicate that its a hadoop filesystem

Am i missing something or is this a bug and if so what would be the correct
fix ? I guess replacing FileSystem.get with
FileSystem.getUnguardedFileSystem would fix it but I am afraid I lack the
context to know if that would be safe

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