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From Vishal Santoshi <vishal.santo...@gmail.com>
Subject A question about Triggers
Date Sun, 17 Dec 2017 06:52:20 GMT
I want to augment a POJO in  Trigger's onElement method, specifically
supply the POJO with the watermark from the TriggerContext. The sequence of
execution is this sequence

1. call to add() in the accumulator for the window  and save the POJO
reference in the Accumulator.
2. call to onElement on Tigger
3. set watermark to the POJO

The next add() method should have the last reference and any mutation done
in step 3.

That works in a local test case, using LocalFlinkMiniCluster, as in I have
access to the mutation by the onElement() in the POJO in the subsequent
add(),  but not on a distributed cluster. The specific question I had is
whether  add() on a supplied accumulator on a window and onElement() method
of the trigger on that window are inline executions, on the same thread or
is there any serialization/deserialization IPC that causes these divergence
( local versus distributed )


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