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From Hao Sun <ha...@zendesk.com>
Subject org.apache.zookeeper.ClientCnxn, Client session timed out
Date Wed, 27 Dec 2017 15:41:29 GMT
Hi I need some help to figure out the root cause of this error.
I am running flink 1.3.2 on K8S.

My cluster has been up and running for almost two weeks and all of a sudden
I see this familiar error again, my task manager is killed/lost. There are
many ways cause this error, I need help to figure out what is the root
cause this time.

>From JM.log

*2017-12-26 14:57:08,624* INFO org.apache.zookeeper.ClientCnxn - Client
session timed out, have not heard from server in 85001ms for sessionid
0x25ddcdec0ef77af, closing socket connection and attempting reconnect
2017-12-26 14:57:23,621 WARN akka.remote.RemoteWatcher - Detected
unreachable: [akka.tcp://flink@fps-flink-taskmanager-960711320-vx0hj:39249]
2017-12-26 14:57:23,623 INFO org.apache.flink.runtime.jobmanager.JobManager
- Task manager akka.tcp://flink@fps-flink-taskmanager-960711320-vx0hj:39249/user/taskmanager
2017-12-26 14:57:23,624 INFO
org.apache.flink.runtime.executiongraph.ExecutionGraph - Source:
KafkaSource(maxwell.users) -> MaxwellFilter->Maxwell(maxwell.users) ->
FixedDelayWatermark(maxwell.users) ->
MaxwellFPSEvent->InfluxDBData(maxwell.users) -> Sink:
influxdbSink(maxwell.users) (1/1) (ddca953ae90906daaae08791e1fde729)
switched from RUNNING to FAILED.
java.lang.Exception: TaskManager was lost/killed:
e14186b8fd22699210273f887570a172 @ fps-flink-taskmanager-960711320-vx0hj

>From TM.log
*2017-12-26 14:56:26,019 INFO* org.apache.flink.runtime.taskmanager.Task -
Source: KafkaSource(maxwell.tickets) ->
MaxwellFilter->Maxwell(maxwell.tickets) ->
FixedDelayWatermark(maxwell.tickets) ->
MaxwellFPSEvent->InfluxDBData(maxwell.tickets) -> Sink:
influxdbSink(maxwell.tickets) (1/1) (44b4caf2010bb2b061b67d4f6c8dbc3f)
switched from RUNNING to FAILED.java.lang.Exception: TaskManager
akka://flink/user/taskmanager disconnects from JobManager
akka.tcp://flink@fps-flink-jobmanager:6123/user/jobmanager: *Old JobManager
lost its leadership.*

Somehow TM detected JM leadership loss from ZK and self disconnected?
And couple of seconds later, JM failed to connect to ZK?

After all the cluster recovered nicely by its own, but I am wondering does
this break the exactly-once semantics? If yes, what should I take care?

Thanks team!

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