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From "Sofer, Tovi " <tovi.so...@citi.com>
Subject slot group indication per operator
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2017 15:25:03 GMT
Hi all,
I am trying to use the slot group feature, by having 'default' group and additional 'market'
The purpose is to divide the resources equally between two sources and their following operators.
I've set the slotGroup on the source of the market data.
Can I assume that all following operators created from this source will use same slot group
of 'market'?
(The operators created for market stream are pretty complex, with connect and split).
In Web UI I saw there are 16 slots, but didn't see indication per operator to which group
it was assigned. How can I know?

Relevant Code:

conf.setInteger(ConfigConstants.TASK_MANAGER_NUM_TASK_SLOTS, 16); \\ to allow Parallelism
of 8 per group

// Market source and operators:

KeyedStream<SpotTickEvent, Tuple> windowedStreamA = sourceProvider.provide(env)
        .flatMap(new ParserMapper(new MarketMessageParser()))
        .filter(new USDFilter())
        .timeWindow(Time.of(windowSizeMs, TimeUnit.MILLISECONDS))
        .process(new LastInWindowPriceChangeFunction()))

marketConnectedStream = windowedStreamA.connect(windowedStreamB)
            .flatMap(new MarketCoMapper()))

SplitStream<MarketAWithMarketB> stocksWithSpotsStreams = marketConnectedStream
        .split( market -> ImmutableList.of("splitA"," splitB") );

DataStream< MarketAWithMarketB> splitA = stocksWithSpotsStreams.select("splitA ");

Thanks and regards,

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