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From Colin Williams <colin.williams.seat...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Writing an Integration test for flink-metrics
Date Fri, 13 Oct 2017 02:31:14 GMT
Team wants an integration test, I'm not sure what unit test you had in
mind. Actually feel that I've been trying to avoid the reporter method but
that would be more end to end.

The documentation for metrics and Scala are missing with the exception of
. Should I file a issue against that?

Then it leaves you guessing a little bit how to implement Counters. One
approach tried was using objects

object PointFilter extends RichMapFunction[...

  @transient lazy val someCounter =

This allowed access to the counter before and after execution . However
between the unit tests the Counter kept its value also and that's a no for
the test. Think that might be an issue with ScalaTest.

I've tried to get at the counter from some other directions like trying to
find a way to inject a reporter to get it's state. But don't see a way to
do it. So probably the best thing to do is fire up something to collect the
metrics from the reporter.

On Thu, Oct 12, 2017 at 5:29 AM, Chesnay Schepler <chesnay@apache.org>

> Well damn, i should've read the second part of the initial mail.
> I'm wondering though, could you not unit-test this behavior?
> On 12.10.2017 14:25, Chesnay Schepler wrote:
>> You could also write a custom reporter that opens a socket or similar for
>> communication purposes.
>> You can then either query it for the metrics, or even just trigger the
>> verification in the reporter,
>> and fail with an error if the reporter returns an error.
>> On 12.10.2017 14:02, Piotr Nowojski wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Doing as you proposed using JMXReporter (or custom reporter) should
>>> work. I think there is no easier way to do this at the moment.
>>> Piotrek
>>> On 12 Oct 2017, at 04:58, Colin Williams <colin.williams.seattle@gmail.
>>>> com> wrote:
>>>> I have a RichMapFunction and I'd like to ensure Meter fields are
>>>> properly incremented. I've been trying to think of the best way to do this.
>>>> Currently I think that I'd need to either implement my own reporter (or use
>>>> JMX) and write to a socket, create a listener and wait for the reporter to
>>>> send the message.
>>>> Is this a good approach for writing the test, or should I be
>>>> considering something else?

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