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From Maciek Próchniak <...@touk.pl>
Subject ANN: TouK Nussknacker - designing Flink processes with GUI
Date Mon, 04 Sep 2017 13:03:40 GMT

we would like to announce availability of TouK Nussknacker - tool for 
creating Flink processes with GUI.

It's our attempt to bring Flink a bit closer to analysts and business 
people - by letting them design processes with MS Visio-like tool ;)

Of course not every Flink process can be created by drawing diagrams, 
but we wanted to make it possible for analyst to design process that 
does filtering, enrichment or simple aggregations.

Our idea is pretty simple:

- first, data model and additional services have to be developed and 
packaged into jar (this is the jar that is used by Flink jobs) - this is 
the part where coding skills are required

- users can create new processes by drawing diagrams - the nodes in 
toolbox are based on the data model. This includes e.g. creating filters 
with SPEL (Spring Expression Language) expressions.

- the process is deployed to Flink cluster as jar with model and diagram 
serialized as JSON

We make it easier to work with our diagrams by integration with Grafana 
(each process registers quite detailed metrics about it's behaviour), 
letting users test their processes via GUI with Flink mini-cluster and 
various other goodies (subprocesses, basic code completion, export to 
PDF etc.)

So far we have one quite large (>30 processes, >100k/s total throughput 
in all processes) production deployment and a few more in progress. Our 
main use case so far is RTM (Real Time Marketing) and fraud detection in 
telco, banking and similar industries.

We think that our tool can be of interest mainly for more traditional 
enterprises, that do not have large development teams, but have 
competent analysts in their BI departments.

Nussknacker is released under ASL 2.0 (however we use React heavily so 
beware of patents clause...)

Of course, we'd like to hear your opinions.

The code is here: https://github.com/touk/nussknacker

The quickstart is here: https://touk.github.io/nussknacker/Quickstart.html

And our blog post is here: 

I'll also be talking about Nussknacker next week at Flink Forward - 

- hope to see you there :)


maciek próchniak


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