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From Martin Eden <martineden...@gmail.com>
Subject EASY Friday afternoon question: order of chained sink operator execution in a streaming task
Date Fri, 29 Sep 2017 12:01:37 GMT
Hi all,

Just a quick one.

I have a task that looks like this (as printed in the logs):

17-09-29 0703510695 INFO TaskManager.info: Received task Co-Flat Map ->
Process -> (Sink: sink1, Sink: sink2, Sink: sink3) (2/2)

After looking a bit at the code of the streaming task I suppose the sink
operators are chained for each subtask and synchronously executed one after
the other in the order I specified them in code (which does correspond to
the order in the log message).

A particular subtask does something like this on one thread (just focusing
on sinks):

time record     invocations
0      record1   sink1.invoke(record1)
1                     sink2.invoke(record1)
2                     sink3.invoke(record1)
3      record2   sink1.invoke(record2)
4                     sink2.invoke(record2)
5                     sink3.invoke(record2)

Is that correct?


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