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From "Newport, Billy" <Billy.Newp...@gs.com>
Subject RE: DataSet: partitionByHash without materializing/spilling the entire partition?
Date Tue, 05 Sep 2017 20:21:55 GMT
We have the same issue. We are finding that we cannot express the data flow in a natural way
because of unnecessary spilling. Instead, we're making our own operators which combine multiple
steps together and essentially hide it from flink OR sometimes we even have to read an input
dataset once per flow to avoid spilling. The performance improvements are dramatic but it's
kind of reducing  flink to a thread scheduler rather than a data flow engine because we basically
cannot express the flow to flink. This worries us because if we let others write flink code
using our infra, we'll be spending all our time collapsing their flows into much simpler but
less intuititve flows to prevent flink from spilling. 

This also means higher level APIs such as the table API or Beam are off the table because
they prevent us optimizing in this manner.

We already have prior implementations of the logic we are implementing in flink and as a result,
we know it's much less efficient than the prior implementations which is giving us pause for
rolling it out more broadly, we're afraid of the flink tax in effect from a performance point
of view as well as from a usability point of view given naïve flows are not performant without
significant collapsing.

For example, we see spilling here:

	Dataset -> Map > Filter -> Map -> Output

We're trying to combine the Map ->Output into the filter operation now to write the records
which are not passed through to an output file during the Filter.

Or in this case

	Dataset -> Map -> [FilterT -> CoGroup > ;FilterF] > Map -> Output

Rewriting as

	Dataset -> Map -> FilterT -> CoGroup > Map -> Output
	Dataset -> Map -> FilterF -> Map -> Output

That is two separate flows is multiples faster. That is, reading the file twice rather than

This is all pretty unintuitive and makes using Flink pretty difficult for us never mind our
users. Writing the flink dataflows in a naïve way is fast but getting it to run with acceptable
efficiency results in obscure workarounds and collapsing and takes the bulk of the time for
us which is a shame and the main reason, we don't want to push it out for general use yet.

It seems like it badly needs a flow rewriter which is capable of rewriting a naïve flow to
use operators or restructured flows automatically. We're doing it by hand right now but there
has to be a better way.

It's a shame really, it's so close.


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From: Urs Schoenenberger [mailto:urs.schoenenberger@tngtech.com] 
Sent: Tuesday, September 05, 2017 6:30 AM
To: user
Subject: DataSet: partitionByHash without materializing/spilling the entire partition?

Hi all,

we have a DataSet pipeline which reads CSV input data and then
essentially does a combinable GroupReduce via first(n).

In our first iteration (readCsvFile -> groupBy(0) -> sortGroup(0) ->
first(n)), we got a jobgraph like this:

source --[Forward]--> combine --[Hash Partition on 0, Sort]--> reduce

This works, but we found the combine phase to be inefficient because not
enough combinable elements fit into a sorter. My idea was to
pre-partition the DataSet to increase the chance of combinable elements
(readCsvFile -> partitionBy(0) -> groupBy(0) ->  sortGroup(0) -> first(n)).

To my surprise, I found that this changed the job graph to

source --[Hash Partition on 0]--> partition(noop) --[Forward]--> combine
--[Hash Partition on 0, Sort]--> reduce

while materializing and spilling the entire partitions at the

Is there any way I can partition the data on the way from source to
combine without spilling? That is, can I get a job graph that looks like

source --[Hash Partition on 0]--> combine --[Hash Partition on 0,
Sort]--> reduce



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