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From AndreaKinn <kinn6...@hotmail.it>
Subject Re: Load distribution through the cluster
Date Tue, 19 Sep 2017 15:38:37 GMT
If I apply a sharing slot as in the example:

DataStream<Event> LTzAccStream = env
				.addSource(new FlinkKafkaConsumer010<>("topic", new
CustomDeserializer(), properties))
				.assignTimestampsAndWatermarks(new CustomTimestampExtractor())
				.map(new MapFunction<Tuple2&lt;String, String>, Event>(){ 
					public Event map(Tuple2<String, String> value) throws Exception { 
						return new Event(value.f0, value.f1); 

just the map operator is assigned to the shared slot or it happens for the
entire block (addSource + assignTimestamp + map)?

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