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From AndreaKinn <kinn6...@hotmail.it>
Subject NoResourceAvailable exception
Date Thu, 14 Sep 2017 16:03:02 GMT
I'm executing a program on a flink cluster.
I tried the same on a local node with Eclipse and it worked fine.

To start, following Flink recommendations on the cluster I set
numberOfTaskSlots equals to the Cpu cores (2) while I set parallelism to 1.
Unfortunately when I try to execute I obtain 

Caused by:
Not enough free slots available to run the job. You can decrease the
operator parallelism or increase the number of slots per TaskManager in the
configuration. Task to schedule: < Attempt #1 (Source: Custom Source ->
Timestamps/Watermarks (1/1)) @ (unassigned) - [SCHEDULED] > with groupID <
cbc357ccb763df2852fee8c4fc7d55f2 > in sharing group < SlotSharingGroup
[e883208d19e3c34f8aaf2a3168a63337, 9dd63673dd41ea021b896d5203f3ba7c,
cbc357ccb763df2852fee8c4fc7d55f2] >. Resources available to scheduler:
Number of instances=0, total number of slots=0, available slots=0

As you can see it says I have 0 available slots... how is this possible?!?
I set no chains or sharingGroups in the code.

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