I looked into the sinked data which in ElasticSearch. Good news I can found it is really right there. But but, I sinked the data is an object. But the Elasticsearch represent it as a string. I put the related code below.

element type is an ActivityInfo. then, I wrote a java api to read the data. the value is a string instead. I want it represented as an object of ActivityInfo. But it didnt do like what i want.

Can anybody give me some advice for it ? Thank you very much!

zhangminglei / mingleizhang

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Hi, Gordon.

      I am not sure about this, as far as I know. ElasticSearch often store JSON data inside it as it is convenient to create it's index. As refers to my code below, I stored the protobuf objects (ActivityInfo which build from activityinfo.proto file) in ElasticSearch. And it is a binary data stored in it. It is very strange I feel. Flink document just give an example for it's data which type belongs to a string as JSON.


At 2017-08-16 13:27:10, "Tzu-Li (Gordon) Tai" <tzulitai@apache.org> wrote:

I couldn’t spot anything off in the code snippet you provided. So you should be ok with this :)


On 15 August 2017 at 9:18:59 PM, mingleizhang (18717838093@163.com) wrote:

BTW, ActivityInfo is an PB object build from xxx.proto. And already has it's value setted to itself.

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Hi, flink experts!

I sinked my data ( PB objects ) to elasticsearch. I dont know whether the sinked data is correct or incorrect. The codes like following, Could you help me check it please ? Im not familar with ES. Now, I want to install a kibana to view my data. But I dont know the below codes is correct or incorrect. I ran the flink program. it does not give me an error. I just want to confirm.

// sink the filtered data to ElasticSearch
clickStreamFiltered.addSink(new ElasticsearchSink[ActivityInfo](configElasticSearch, transportAddress, new ElasticsearchSinkFunction[ActivityInfo] {
def createIndexRequest(element: ActivityInfo): IndexRequest = {
val json = new java.util.HashMap[String, ActivityInfo]
json.put("data", element)
override def process(activityInfo: ActivityInfo, runtimeContext: RuntimeContext, requestIndexer: RequestIndexer): Unit = {