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From Chao Wang <chaow...@wustl.edu>
Subject Flink multithreading, CoFlatMapFunction, CoProcessFunction, internal state
Date Mon, 14 Aug 2017 16:36:38 GMT

I'd like to know if CoFlatMapFunction/CoProcessFunction is thread-safe, 
and to what extent? What's the difference between the two Functions? and 
in general, how does Flink prevent race conditions? Here's my case:

I tried to condition on two input streams and produce the third stream 
if the condition is met. I implemented CoFlatMapFunction and tried to 
monitor a state using a field in the implemented class (I want to 
isolate my application from the checkpointing feature, and therefore I 
do not use the states as documented here 
The field served as a flag indicating whether there are some pending 
data from either input stream, and if yes, processing it along with the 
arriving data from the other input stream (the processing invokes a 
native function).

But then I got double free error and segmentation fault, which I believe 
was due to unintentional concurrent access to the native function. Then 
I tried to wrap the access into a synchronized method, as well as 
explicitly lock/unlock the flatMap1/flatMap2 methods, but all in vain 
and the error remained.

I considered using CoProcessFunction in my case, but seems to me that it 
does not handle customary internal states, stating in the javadoc "The 
context [CoProcessFunction.Context] is only valid during the invocation 
of this method, do not store it."


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