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From Alexander Smirnov <asmir...@five9.com>
Subject Re: Time zones problem
Date Tue, 15 Aug 2017 19:36:06 GMT
Hi Biplob,

Yes unix timestamp is what I¹m using now.

But the problem is that a time window like '1 day' is defined using
different start-end timestamps for users in different time zones

Let me try to draw it


1 and 3 - time frames for European users
2 and 4 - time frames for American users

Now we need to calculate some metrics, like sum or max of call durations
using time window '1 day¹.
Evidently they are different for different time zones.

Should I create an aggregation window for each and every time zone to
cover that?
For each possible reporting time interval? Is it how this can be achieved
with Flink?

Thank you,

On 8/15/17, 1:09 AM, "Biplob Biswas" <revolutionisme@gmail.com> wrote:

>Regarding timezones, you should probably convert your time to the unix
>timestamp which will be consistent all over the world, and then you can
>create your window based on this timestamp.
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