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From Maksym Parkachov <lazy.gop...@gmail.com>
Subject Manually controlling time for integration test
Date Fri, 04 Aug 2017 14:27:33 GMT

I'm evaluating Flink as alternative to Spark streaming for test project
reading from Kafka and saving to Cassandra. Everything works, but I'm
struggling with integration tests. I could not figure out how to manually
move time in Flink. Basically, I write message in Kafka with event time in
the future and would like to move clock to force Flink to process this
event, like it's possible with manual clock in Spark streaming. Currently,
I'm waiting several seconds before I'm checking result in Cassandra, which
doesn't seem very efficient to me.

My real use case is a bit more complex, so, I could not use event time in
the past, because I'm trying to write tests with multiple messages with
different time and test interaction with tumbling windows.

I would appreciate any tip how this could be achieved, link to source code
or some other approach to integration tests.

Thanks in advance,

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