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From Jerry Peng <jerry.boyang.p...@gmail.com>
Subject Question about parallelism
Date Fri, 18 Aug 2017 21:08:27 GMT
Hello all,

I have a question about parallelism and partitioning in the
DataStreams API.  In Flink, a user can the parallelism of a data
source as well as operators.  So when I set the parallelism of a data
source e.g.

DataStream<String> text =

does this mean that the resulting "text" DataStream in going to be
partitioned into 5 partitions or does it mean that there are going to
be 5 parallel tasks that are going to run for this stage?

If the next operator is:

DataStream<Tuple2<String, Integer>> counts = text.flatMap(new

and the parallelism is set to 10.  Are there 10 parallel tasks
consuming from the 5 partitions? and how is the resulting "counts"
DataStream partitioned? into 10 partitions?

Thanks in advance!



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