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From Jakes John <jakesjohn12...@gmail.com>
Subject Flink streaming Parallelism
Date Tue, 08 Aug 2017 00:58:23 GMT
       I am coming from Apache Storm world.  I am planning to switch from
storm to flink. I was reading Flink documentation but, I couldn't find some
requirements in Flink which was present in Storm.

I need to have a streaming pipeline  Kafka->flink-> ElasticSearch.  In
storm,  I have seen that I can specify number of tasks per bolt.  Typically
databases are slow in writes and hence I need more writers to the
database.  Reading from kafka is pretty fast when compared to ES writes.
This means that I need to have more ES writer tasks than Kafka consumers.
How can I achieve it in Flink?  What are the concepts in Flink similar to
Storm Parallelism concepts like workers, executors, tasks?
        I saw the implementation of elasticsearch sink in Flink which can
do batching of messsges before writes. How can I batch data based on a
custom logic? For eg: batch writes  grouped on one of the message keys.
This is possible in Storm via FieldGrouping. But I couldn't find an
equivalent way to do grouping in Flink and control the overall number of
writes to ES.

Please help me with above questions and some pointers to flink parallelism.

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