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From Bowen Li <bowen...@offerupnow.com>
Subject [Survey] How many people use Flink with AWS Kinesis sink
Date Mon, 21 Aug 2017 06:29:12 GMT
Hi guys,
    We want to have a more accurate idea of how many people are writing
Flink's computation result to AWS Kinesis, and how many people had
successful Flink deployment against Kinesis?

    The reason I ask for the survey is because we have been trying to make
our Flink jobs and Kinesis sink work together for a long time but haven't
succeeded yet. We discovered quite a few issues with not only Flink's
flink-kinesis-connector but, most importantly, KPL (Kinesis Producer
Library) itself. Kinesis/KPL is poorly designed, we hate Kinesis, and we
are currently evaluating how much effort it further requires to make Flink
works with Kinesis.

    If not many Flink users had good experience with Kinesis, we'll
probably need to look for some alternatives.

    I really appreciate your time and your insight! Thank you very much!


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