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From Joshua Griffith <JGriff...@CampusLabs.com>
Subject Using Azure Blob Storage with Flink
Date Tue, 29 Aug 2017 22:24:53 GMT
I’m attempting to write to Azure Blob Storage using Flink's FileOutputFormat. I’ve included
within the jar I submit to Flink and configured the paths to be prefixed with wasb://{CONTAINERNAME}@{ACCOUNTNAME}.blob.core.windows.net/<http://blob.core.windows.net/>.

When the file output format initializes, I get the following error: ERROR ROOT - Run 4bfb099a-8d07-11e7-8d3a-fb4d07562cc0
failed with error: 'org.apache.flink.client.program.ProgramInvocationException: The program
execution failed: Cannot initialize task 'DataSink (/out/data)': No file system found with
scheme wasb, referenced in file URI 'wasb://blob@{ACCOUNTNAME}.blob.core.windows.net/<http://blob.core.windows.net/>out/data’.

Can I register the format programmatically from within the job (without putting credentials
into a core-site.xml file on the task manager)? Can I still use Flink’s FileOutputFormat
or should I be using a Hadoop OutputFormat?


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