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From "Kaepke, Marc" <marc.kae...@haw-hamburg.de>
Subject PageRank - 4x slower then Spark?!
Date Fri, 18 Aug 2017 17:51:59 GMT
Hi everyone,

I compared Flink and Spark by using PageRank. I guessed Flink will beat Spark or have the
same level. But Spark is up to 4x faster then Flink.
I hope I did a mistake. So please help me to improve the performance of my cluster and config.

The cluster has 4 computers:
One JobManager (Quad Core with Hyper Threading -> 8 cores) and 16GB jobmanager.heap.mp))
Three TaskManager (each Quad Core with Hyper Threading -> 8 cores and 16GB (taskmanager.heap.mp))
In total 24 cores/ task slots.

I ran PR as vertex-centric, scatter-gather, gather-sum-apply and with bulk iteration. The
parallelism was 24.
Runtime in ms:
Pregel: 90.000ms
SG: 64.000ms
GSA: 80.000ms
Bulk: 53.000ms
Spark with Pregel ran in 23.000ms

The input file was: https://snap.stanford.edu/data/wiki-topcats.html

Thanks for helping!

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