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From Will Walters <wwalt...@yahoo-inc.com>
Subject Issue With Configuration File
Date Tue, 06 Jun 2017 00:13:37 GMT
I'm having issues editing the default Flink memory settings. I'm attempting to run a Flink
task on a cluster at scale. The log shows my edited config settings having been read into
the program, but they're having no effect. Here's the trace:
17/06/05 23:45:41 INFO flink.FlinkRunner: Starting execution of Flink program.17/06/05 23:45:41
INFO java.ExecutionEnvironment: The job has 0 registered types and 0 default Kryo serializers17/06/05
23:45:41 INFO configuration.GlobalConfiguration: Loading configuration property: taskmanager.memory.size,
10017/06/05 23:45:41 INFO configuration.GlobalConfiguration: Loading configuration property:
taskmanager.heap.mb, 25617/06/05 23:45:41 INFO configuration.GlobalConfiguration: Loading
configuration property: taskmanager.debug.memory.startLogThread, true17/06/05 23:45:41 INFO
minicluster.FlinkMiniCluster: Disabled queryable state server17/06/05 23:45:41 INFO minicluster.FlinkMiniCluster:
Starting FlinkMiniCluster....17/06/05 23:45:41 INFO network.NetworkEnvironment: Starting the
network environment and its components.17/06/05 23:45:41 INFO taskmanager.TaskManager: Limiting
managed memory to 17592186044406 MB, memory will be allocated lazily.17/06/05 23:45:41 ERROR
flink.FlinkRunner: Pipeline execution failedjava.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Size of total
memory must be positive.
And here's the config file I'm using:
taskmanager.memory.size: 100taskmanager.heap.mb: 256taskmanager.debug.memory.startLogThread:
In the shell script I'm using to run the task, I've edited the FLINK_CONF_DIR to direct to
the config file that I created.
If anyone has any advice or inputs it would be much appreciated.
Thanks!Will Walters.
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