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From "Fahey, Claudio" <Claudio.Fa...@dell.com>
Subject Queryable State Client with 1.3.0-rc0
Date Thu, 11 May 2017 20:21:30 GMT
I've been using QueryableStateClient in Flink 1.2 successfully. I have now upgraded to release-1.3.0-rc0
and QueryableStateClient now requires a HighAvailabilityServices parameter. The documentation
hasn't been updated on using HighAvailabilityServices so I'm a bit lost on what exactly I
should specify for that parameter. For development, I want to connect to a Flink Job Manager
that I created from a different process using StreamExecutionEnvironment.createLocalEnvironmentWithWebUI.
Can somebody provide the code needed to create the appropriate HighAvailabilityServices parameter?

I have tried the following code:

  val jobManagerIpcAddress = "localhost"
  val jobManagerIpcPort = 6123
  configuration.setString(JobManagerOptions.ADDRESS, jobManagerIpcAddress)
  configuration.setInteger(JobManagerOptions.PORT, jobManagerIpcPort)
  private val highAvailabilityServices = new StandaloneHaServices(jobManagerIpcAddress, jobManagerIpcAddress)
  private val client = new QueryableStateClient(configuration, highAvailabilityServices)

It results in:

Exception in thread "main" akka.actor.ActorNotFound: Actor not found for: ActorSelection[Anchor(akka://flink/),

Claudio Fahey
Chief Solutions Architect, Analytics
Dell EMC | Emerging Technologies Team

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