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From vijayakumar palaniappan <vijayakuma...@gmail.com>
Subject CEP timeout does not trigger under certain conditions
Date Tue, 11 Apr 2017 16:06:40 GMT
-TimeoutPattern does not trigger under certain conditions. Following are
the preconditions:

-Assume a pattern of Event A followed by Event B within 2 Seconds

-PeriodicWaterMarks every 1 second

-Assume follwoing events have arrived.

-Event A-1[time: 1 sec]

-Event B-1[time: 2 sec]

-Event A-2[time: 2 sec]

-Event A-3[time: 5 sec]

-WaterMark[time: 5 sec]

I would assume that after watermark arrival, Event A-1,B-1 detected. A-2
timed out. But A-2 timeout does not happen.

if i use a punctuated watermark and generate watermark for every event, it
seems to work as expected.

To me this seems to be a bug, is my understanding correct?


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