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From Benjamin Reißaus <benjamin.reiss...@gmail.com>
Subject Parallel execution but keep order of kafka messages
Date Fri, 14 Apr 2017 17:22:38 GMT
Hi everybody,

*I have the following flink/kafka setup:*

I have 3 kafka “input” topics and 3 “output” topics with each 1 partition
(only 1 partition because the order of the messages is important). I also
have 1 master and 2 flink slave nodes with a total of 16 task slots.

In my flink program I have created 3 consumers - each for one of the input

On each of the datastreams I run a query that generates statistics over a
window of 1 second and I write the result to the corresponding output
topic. You can find the execution plan with parallelism set to 2 attached.

This setup with parallelism=2 sometimes seems to give me the wrong order of
the statistics results. I assume it is because of the rebalancing before
the last map which leads to a race condition when writing to kafka.

If I set parallelism to 1 no rebalancing will be done but only one task
slot is used.

*This has led me to the following questions:*

Why is only 1 task slot used with my 3 pipelines when parallelism is set to
1? As far as I understand, the parallelism refers to the number of parallel
instances a task can be split into. Therefore, I would assume that I could
still run multiple different tasks (e.g. different maps or window functions
on different streams) in different task slots, right?

And to come back to my requirement: Is it not possible to run all 3
pipelines in parallel and still keep the order of the messages and results?

I also asked these questions on stackoverflow
<http://stackoverflow.com/q/43392793/6289872>. And it seems that I have
similar trouble understanding the terms “task slot”, “subtasks” etc. like
Flavio mentioning in this
mail thread.

Thank you and I would appreciate any input!

Best regards,


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