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From Kürşat Kurt <kur...@kursatkurt.com>
Subject Index conversion
Date Mon, 17 Apr 2017 20:33:22 GMT


I have label index DataSet and final DataSet that i want to convert its
indexes to labels.


ixDS: DataSet[(Long, String)]






finalDS:DataSet[(Long, String, Double, String, Double)]





If i want to convert finalDS's indexes with join like this:


val res=finalDS.join(ixDS).where(0).equalTo(0){(l,r)=> {





I can not get labed indexes. 

If i collect and try to match each DS i could get labels :



        ixDS.collect().foreach(y=> {

          if (x._1==y._1) System.err.println(">>>>>>>>"+x._2+","+y._2)




.. but i think it is the wrong way.

What is the correct way for conversion?

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