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From "Torok, David" <David_To...@comcast.com>
Subject Reference configs for HA / RocksDB / YARN / Zookeeper / HDFS
Date Fri, 10 Mar 2017 14:38:13 GMT

Forgive me if parts of this question have been answered before but I'd like help in resolving
some bits of confusion from the documentation and the fact that I haven't been able to find
a good example anywhere for an enterprise-style setup.  If anyone has a sample HA / Yarn /
ZK / RocksDB configuration could you share?

We are currently using Flink 1.2.0 and Hortonworks (an older version, 2.2.9 based on Hadoop
2.6.0).  We're trying a small sample cluster with 9 Yarn client nodes.

1.       We have large state and large time-windows and therefore want to use RocksDB as our
state backend.  Is it a typical or best practice that RocksDB store to local-disk storage
for speed, and the checkpoints store to HDFS for recovery / HA?  Or is everything in HDFS?
 So from my understanding from the docs, "The RocksDBStateBackend holds in-flight data in
a RocksDB<http://rocksdb.org/> data base that is (per default) stored in the TaskManager
data directories"...  (is this set automatic via YARN?)... and the checkpoint directory is
via "state.backend.fs.checkpointdir: hdfs://namenode:40010/flink/checkpoints" or dynamically
e.g. new RocksDBStateBackend(statepath).

2.       It's unclear to me whether Yarn automatically provides Flink with the Zookeeper information,
or whether I also need to set the zookeeper info in flink-conf.yaml... the examples seem to
imply that the ZK information might only be used if you start your own Zookeeper rather than
it already existing.  Do I need to set it up for HA via YARN?

3.       I've seen some conflicting information about including HADOOP_CLASSPATH - some say
there are many conflicts with Flink libraries whereas others say it's important to resolve
various deserialization errors during runtime.

4.       Someone suggested that we build Flink from source ourselves against the Hortonworks
distribution; I'm really hoping that's not necessary.

Appreciate any info as we learn how to productionize our Flink clusters!

Best Regards

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