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From Philippe Caparroy <philippe.capar...@orange.fr>
Subject Re: deploying flink cluster in AWS - Containerized
Date Fri, 24 Mar 2017 08:49:34 GMT

If I can give my 2 cents.

One simple solution to your problem is using weave (https://www.weave.works/) a Docker network

We’ve been working for more then year with dockerized (Flink+zookeeper+Yarn+spark+Kafka+hadoop+elasticsearch
) cluster using weave.

Design your docker container so that you can set the cluster size on startup (number of task
manager stand job managers should be a docker arg).

Weave will act as a switch with dns server embedded. Your containers will only have to be
configured with hosts names such as : flink.taskmanager-1.weave.local, link.taskmanager-2.weave.local,
flink.jobmanager-1.weave.local, and so on …

with flink Yarn it’s even simpler, but you have to dockerize a Yarn cluster.

It works perfectly on bare metal machines and in the cloud (digital-ocean, aws,…).

> Le 24 mars 2017 à 08:50, Chakravarthy varaga <chakravarthyvp@gmail.com> a écrit
> Hi,
>     I request someone to help here.
> Best Regards
> On Thu, Mar 23, 2017 at 10:13 PM, Chakravarthy varaga <chakravarthyvp@gmail.com <mailto:chakravarthyvp@gmail.com>>
> I'm looking forward to hearing some updates on this...
> Any help here is highly appreciated !!
> On Thu, Mar 23, 2017 at 4:20 PM, Chakravarthy varaga <chakravarthyvp@gmail.com <mailto:chakravarthyvp@gmail.com>>
> Hi Team,
>      We are doing a PoC to deploy Flink cluster on AWS. All runtime components will be
>       I have few questions in relation to discover & security:
>       1. How does Job Manager discover task managers? Do they talk to over TCP ?
>       2. If the runtime components TM, JM are containerized how are the IPs resolved
dynamically? Basically do I have to configure the JM with the hostnames of the TMs. If so,
if the TMs are on ephemeral IPs and on restart of TM how does the job manager know the TM's
(IP/Host). Before I go into DNS and subnets, I'd like to understand how they disvoer &
talk to each other !
>        3. I went through some Flink materials on the web on security precisely on kerebros.
However how do I ensure that user level authentication is applied on job management. For ex.,
only certain users are allowed to start/stop jobs ? This question is in relation to if flink
is deployed as standalone-cluster
> Thanks & Regards

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