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From "Ali, Kasif" <Kasif....@gs.com>
Subject RE: flink akka OversizedPayloadException error
Date Wed, 15 Mar 2017 17:19:33 GMT
Thanks Till

It worked after updating the property in flink-conf.yaml file.


From: Till Rohrmann [mailto:trohrmann@apache.org]
Sent: Wednesday, March 15, 2017 9:08 PM
To: user@flink.apache.org
Subject: Re: flink akka OversizedPayloadException error

Hi Kasif,

using the akka.framesize configuration option is the right way to solve the problem with large
akka messages. I’ve tested what you’ve described with the latest 1.2 release branch and
it worked for me.

In order to track down your problem I need some more information. First of all you can check
in the web UI under “Job Manager” → “Configuration” whether the JobManager has been
started with the right parameter value. I assume that this is the case.

Next I’d like to know how you submit your job to the Flink Yarn cluster. If you don’t
submit the job from the node where you’ve started the Yarn cluster, then the client won’t
find the /tmp/.yarn-properties-hadoop file. This file contains the dynamic properties you’ve
configured the cluster with (framesize). Thus, it will only load the normal flink-conf.yaml
file and load the default value for the akka framesize (10 MB). In order to change this, you
would have to insert the configuration value akka.framesize: 209715200b into the flink-conf.yaml
file so that the client also knows how big the framesize should be.

I hope this solves your problem. If not, then it would be great if you could share the logs
with me.


On Wed, Mar 15, 2017 at 2:26 PM, Ali, Kasif <Kasif.Ali@gs.com<mailto:Kasif.Ali@gs.com>>

We have added a serializer code which register all the schemas with executionEnvironment and
 is called before execute(). This is to make sure that all the avro schemas are pre-registered
and cached in executors before actual execution begin.  Now while submitting the job we are
getting below error.
executionEnvironment.addDefaultKryoSerializer(myKryo.class, largeSerializerObject);

Error :
13223 [flink-akka.actor.default-dispatcher-5] ERROR akka.remote.EndpointWriter - Transient
association error (association remains live)
akka.remote.OversizedPayloadException: Discarding oversized payload sent to Actor[akka.tcp://flink@d191303-012.dc.gs.com:54840/user/jobmanager#1440921956<http://flink@d191303-012.dc.gs.com:54840/user/jobmanager#1440921956>]:
max allowed size 10485760 bytes, actual size of encoded class org.apache.flink.runtime.messages.JobManagerMessages$LeaderSessionMessage
was 45388747 bytes.

We followed the documentation to increase akka.framesize to 200mb while starting yarn cluster
but it still fails with above error.

akka.framesize: Maximum size of messages which are sent between the JobManager and the TaskManagers.
If Flink fails because messages exceed this limit, then you should increase it. The message
size requires a size-unit specifier (DEFAULT: 10485760b).

command to start yarn cluister:
./yarn-session.sh -n 15 -tm 24576 -jm 6144 -s 7 -Djobmanager.web.history=100 -Dakka.ask.timeout=10min
-Dtaskmanager.network.numberOfBuffers=8000 -Dakka.framesize=209715200b

We are using flink 1.2.0 version.

Can you suggest if this is correct config to increase akka frame size? Or Are we using correct
config to fix the issue?


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