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From "Y. Sakamoto" <phonypian...@gmail.com>
Subject How to achieve exactly once on node failure using Kafka
Date Mon, 20 Feb 2017 16:53:08 GMT
I'm using Flink 1.2.0 and try to do "exactly once" data transfer
from Kafka to Elasticsearch, but I cannot.
(Scala 2.11, Kafka 0.10, without YARN)

There are 2 Flink TaskManager nodes, and when processing
with 2 parallelism, shutdown one of them (simulating node failure).

Using flink-connector-kafka, I wrote following code:

    StreamExecutionEnvironment env = StreamExecutionEnvironment

    Properties kafkaProp = new Properties();
    kafkaProp.setProperty("bootstrap.servers", "");
    kafkaProp.setProperty("zookeeper.connect", "");
    kafkaProp.setProperty("group.id", "id");

    DataStream<String> stream = env.addSource(new FlinkKafkaConsumer010<>(
          "topic", new SimpleStringSchema(), kafkaProp));

I found duplicated data transfer on map function.
Data from the checkpoint before node failure seems duplicated.

Is there any way to achieve "exactly once" on failure?


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